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President's Report 
Message from Our President

May 2023

Roger Salazar, President

President's Report: News & Updates
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President's Report

May 2023

Thank you to all the Sierra Treasure Hunters who turned out for the May 2023 meeting. We had the largest in person meeting turnout I’ve ever seen and it was good to see everyone. 

We had a successful club turnout in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari in April and I think everyone had a good time. It was great seeing Chris Collard in his work environment and I think DNA, the Klinkenborgs; Kelly & Ashley, Kody with a K and guest Stacy Salazar had a great time as well. I’d like to remind folks to begin their planning for next year now, since housing gets snapped up early. I’m happy to provide guidance if you are interested. (Next Year’s EJS is March 23rd to March 31st) 

Metal Cloak Skillz Day out at Prairie City was held the last weekend in April and I want to thank Carl Meyer; Wayne Schmid; and Phil & Redona Klinkenborg for representing STH out at that event. 

I also wanted to mention that I had a good phone meeting recently with Rose Winn, Cal4Wheel’s Natural Resources Consultant, and we talked about the Rubicon and other trails across California. She mentioned that Cal4Wheel has been sending around OHV surveys and I hope that you’ll consider taking the time to fill them out as she sees them as very helpful. Link Here

May’s meeting included Election Night for STH. Treasurer Wayne informed me before the meeting that we were just a couple folks away from 100% of the dues being paid, so everyone present was eligible to vote!  

Suzy had sent around a spreadsheet of the offices in advance of the meeting and a second spreadsheet on the history of past officers and I found some interesting items that I’d like to share: 

Kathy Medley holds the record for consecutive terms on the board. She served 20 straight years as STH Treasurer.  (Rory Huber is next, he served 16 years as Webmaster)

Current board member Andrea Harris has served on the board for 15 years and she was just elected Secretary for 2023-2024, so she’ll add another year to that tally.

Side note: Did you know that Andrea’s first term on the Board was as Secretary in 1984-85? I saw Lili Bryant was secretary in 2017-18. Who was younger? 

In presidential trivia, Bob Silva was the first president of STH (63/64, but do any of you know who served the most terms as STH President? That would be Ron Schierholt who served 4 terms as STH President (1989/90; 1990/91; 1993/94; 1994-95)

Do you know how many couples have served as President? Four! 

Herman & Jan Rinkel (1977/78) & (1980-81)

Matt & Kimber Hoey (2005/06; 2006/07) & (2013/14)

DNA (Doug Baker 2014/15; 2015/16 & Andrea Harris 2016/17; 2017/18)

BUT Carroll & Linda Bryant hold the record of 5 combined terms as President! 

Carroll in 1998/99; 1999/2000; 2000/01 & Linda in 2003/04; 2004/05.

In all, 14 current club members have served as President: 

Presidents Bryant (Carroll & Linda) (5 terms combined)

Presidents DNA - Doug Baker/Andrea Harris (4 terms combined)

Presidents Hoey (Matt & Kimber) (3 terms combined)

President Chris Collard (3 terms)

President Eric Heikila (3 terms)

President Will Corbett (2 terms)

President Ron Kellogg (2 terms)

President Rich Currie (1)

President Randy Burleson (1)

President Wayne Schmid (1)

And myself, just recently elected to a third term. 

Finally, I want to congratulate the club members elected at the May meeting to serve you for 2023-2024: 

President: Roger Salazar

Vice President: Heather Parker

Secretary: Andrea Harris

Treasurer: Wayne Schmid

State Delegate: Kerry Dorn

Ways & Means: Michelle DePauw & Lori Crittenden

Membership: Jeanette Schmid

Trailmaster: Cheryl Anderson & Kody Meginnes

Editor: Katrina Salazar

Communications: David Law

President's Report: Text
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