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Past President's Report 
Message from Our Outgoing President

May 2024

Roger Salazar, Past President


(Past) President's Report

May 2024

Hello Treasure Hunters,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president these past three years. We have had the opportunity to grow (and go through some growing pains) together and I am excited for the future of the Sierra Treasure Hunters 4WD Club. 


As I hand the gavel over to Phil Klinkenborg, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the State of the Club and I think the State of the Club is strong. We have 58 active members, a healthy budget, and a strong reputation in the Cal4Wheel world. 


We just celebrated our 60th Anniversary year with great fanfare and recognition and that’s thanks to all of you. 


Over the last three years we have had members who have stepped up in the club and beyond. I am proud to count among our club members the: 


Cal4Wheel North District Membership Chair - David Law

2023 Cal4Wheel Tara Ballard Woman of the Year – Andrea Harris

2023 Winter Fun Fest Extreme Recovery Award Winner – Brian Bohannon

2022 Cal4Wheel Steve Morris Past President’s Award Winner – Jim Harris

2022 & 2023 Winter Fun Fest Chairs – Kerry Dorn/David Law 

2020 In Gear Editor’s Award Winner / Off Road Motorsports Hall of Famer – Chris Collard

2022 Nomad Overland Rally Winner – Cheryl Anderson 

2021 Rebelle Rally Participant – Liz Switten 


And I’ll throw myself in there as the 2024 Chair of the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission.  


And this doesn’t include the great work club members have done in volunteering for Winter Fun Fest, Sierra Trek, MetalCloak Skillz Days, supporting the Rubicon Trail Foundation and Friends of the Rubicon with money and time, and helping out other clubs for the events that they put together. 


All of this is to say that I hope you all feel that we have added value, not only to this club over the last three years, but to our off-road community as a whole. 


Let’s get camping and wheeling and let’s support our new President, Phil Klinkenborg, and the new board in their efforts for 2024-2025. 


Roger Salazar

Past President, Sierra Treasure Hunters 4 Wheel Drive Club

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